File Snapshot Version Protection (Sort Of Apple Timemachine + Cvs ) *updated*


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I d' Like BtSync to provide:


Keep older Versions of Modified/Deleted Files, instead to fisically delete a file, Hide and Rename it as FileName.Old.X where X is the number of ancestor of the file.


Keep Such Older Versions of the Sync'ed file across the Peers until some Quota or Age its reached, then fisically delete the File.


To Identify Who and When a New Version of a File was created and Why (such as could be the case of an Integrity rebuild of some file)


While File systems as ZFS/Btrfs provide this also at file block level, it requires a lot of CPU utlization, since requires file block level deduplication, which its cpu/memory intensive.


A Way to provide this feature on an uncooperative client (those OS with deficient file sistem monitorig), could be to write block all synced files, and when an user request to edit/modify/delete a file, just copy the requested file to the saved versions repository, and then unlock the file, once the file operation its done, lock it again. these lock/unlock operations will be done at BtSync console.


My 2 cts.

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Huh? It moves modified and deleted files at all peers (apart from the originating one) to a separate folder instead of "physically" deleting them and versions them with a number. If a configured age is reached, they are deleted.


What's missing?

I have to say I did not understand your last paragraph about uncooperative clients.

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I have to say I did not understand your last paragraph about uncooperative clients.

Some OS(or installs) just don't provide a system even triggered when some file system object it's modified, those are what I name uncooperative clients.

I'll review on detail the feature, from as long I've read it's limited to something like a trash can function.

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