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Would it be possible to change the naming format for camera backups on your iPhone?

Currently it is something like:

My iPhone 5s - DSC00045.jpg

While I'm more looking for something where the file name is the date and time that the photo is taken, like:


To be honest, the only reason I'm not using the camera backup option is because of the naming format...

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BitTorrent Sync takes the default name of photos and adds the device's name at the beginning. We will consider changing the names in future releases. 




Please consider not changing the filenames of the images. There are other applications better suited for renaming files while importing photos/videos (i.e. Lightroom).


DropBox does it? Besides, why would I want to open my pc to rename a ton of photos all the time when the app can just do it automatically during the upload? The aim is not to make things more difficult. At least having the option to choose the type of naming format would be ideal.

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+1 from me on this one. I've just started using Camera backup, and found out that there is no way to set up a naming convention for the backed up photos. I was using Dropbox till now and switched to BitTorrent Sync. Dropbox was using the YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS.jpg format. This naming convention is the most suitable for me also. I think that offering users a way to setup their own naming conventions for camera backups is a must.


Is there any info if this feature would be implemented any time soon?

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+1 from me too, I just stop using resilio camera backup option because of this only. I am using plex backup now but I really want to use resilio camera backup option as it is more reliable and easy.

I am asking because if I setup my phone as new than all new photo start 0001 and overwrite old photos.

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