Windows Crashed Do You Have To Re Sync All Files From A Previous Sync?

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My windows install crashed and I had to install fresh. In the process I had to re-install Bit-torrent Sync. I have a massive amount of data that has been previously synced and exists on both of my Synology NAS units. The syn is controled by the Windows machine that crashed and a machine at my office. I would like to be able to resume the previous sync but when i tried i got conflict files being created. Is there a way to avoid this and not re transfer all of my data?

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If the files have the same hash, BitTorrent Sync will just check them through and if files have't changed (still have the same hash) data will not re-transfer.


As for conflicts, they are caused by different letter case in the filenames, and will appear if:

1) On your NASes you have a Filename.txt and a filename.txt (which are two different files for Linux), they will be producing Conflicts on Windows (for which they are one file). 

2) You had Filename.txt on NAS and filename.txt on Win, you will have a conflict on Win (same reason - Windows doesn't support different letter case). 


So a solution here would be to make sure that all files have the same letter case when folders with files are added to BitTorrent Sync. 

- Find the healthy file and make sure it's in the same letter case on all devices (!). 
- Move this healthy file to another non-syncing directory. 
- Remove those Conflict copies (not rename the files, but remove the files with conflicts in their names) from syncing folder. 
- Put the healthy file to synced folder again.


Please, do not rename filename.Conflict.txt files since it will cause Conflicts to multiply, and do not delete such files since it will remove the healthy file from other devices. 

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