Rebuild Required For Wd Mycloud Fw 4

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The forum is dedicated to BitTorrent Sync product, not to the data synchronization in general. SyncThing was mentioned on the forum, and that's enough to indicate that alternative exists. All the rest of information can be found on SyncThing forum and website.


Please feel free to PM me if you want to continue discussion on topics moderation.

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Vasaka, I suppose the moderator does have a valid point so I am not unduly upset that my link was Moderated out, however the changes performed on Syncthing to support V4 does indicate that it can be done without too much effort and doesn't look that difficult to propogate forward, I wonder why its so much effort for BitTorrent Sync?


I wonder if this will be moderated out as well :)

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I have BTSync 1.4 running on a WD MyCloud Mirror (the RAID version), which I installed using the ARM build. It is running WD's 1.03.41 firmware which I've avoided updating so far in order to ensure Sync still runs.


Now with Sync 2.0, it appears there is official support for installing through WD's app store for EX2 and EX4, but there was no mention for the MyCloud Mirror which also has a WD App Store with a way to manually upload a binary (see this screenshot).


1) Will Sync 2.0 run on my WD MyCloud Mirror?

2) Can I download the binary for EX2/EX4 and install it through the App store on my MyCloud Mirror?

3) If not, how do I update to Sync 2.0?

4) Any idea of what will happen with my existing folders/files on the MyCloud that are being synced with my desktops?

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Mogarick, unfortunately we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. I think there may have been some confusion in conveying what we will support because "My Cloud" is a term which applies to multiple products: some of which we hope to support and some which we are unable to support. That Sync worked sideloaded on the single drive My Cloud when it first shipped, and that a later firmware update broke compatibility for all sideloaded applications is certainly frustrating for all of us. 


For the single drive My Cloud, it falls into the category of unable to support largely for two reasons: 

  • Lack of a built-in app store for easy installation - the install process for Sync should not require SSH
  • 64k kernel memory alignment - requires custom building the Sync binary

We're happy to provide an off-the-shelf ARM binary for users to install themselves because that one ARM binary can be run on many different platforms. While cross compiling Sync just for My Cloud 64k alignment shouldn't be terribly difficult, that effort doesn't make sense if the only WD owners that'll be able to use Sync are those skilled enough to use SSH. As more than the 64k problem, lack of an app store is the bigger blocker for us. QNAP, Netgear, and Seagate support are possible because they have an app store. Overland Storage including Sync in their firmware is possible because we have a business relationship with them. Unfortunately WD neither has an app store nor do we have a business relationship with them.


I specifically used the words "at launch" because I did not want to exclude the possibility of supporting this device later. I do hope that WD implements an app store and switches to a hybrid 64k/4k kernel like they did with the My Cloud EX2/EX4. We want Sync on such a prevalent device too.


You mentioned that you have not upgraded the firmware of your device. As long as you're able to keep that firmware version you should still be able to run our normal ARM binary for 2.0 when it's released. 

Hi richard-bt


>While cross compiling Sync just for My Cloud 64k alignment shouldn't be terribly difficult, that effort doesn't make sense if the only WD owners that'll be able to use Sync are those skilled enough to use SSH


Doesn't make sense!? you bet it makes. installing btsync via ssh is piece of cake and with the net-wonder-searchengines, everyone can do it.

Please reconsider and make that small effort. I even would pay for it.


All the best


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+1 one from me for BitTorrent Sync support for WD My Cloud. I just bought one few days ago and was completely disappointed to find out that it doesn't support BitTorrent Sync. I've tried their WD Sync software, but it's a complete mess - it's totally unstable and unreliable.


BitTorrent Sync support for WD My Cloud is a must and it should be implemented as soon as possible.

We created an experimental build for WD My Cloud with the 4th firmware version. If you would like to test it, please, feel free to write here in the topic or via PM directly to me.

Hi Alexander, I can't seem to find an option to PM you. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm new here. :) I would also like to try the build for v4. Thanks in advance!

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@igorkas, @aleksr, @dimazigel

We created support cases for you, check your e-mail, please.

Thanks a lot about that. I've downloaded the binary, but the file looks like it's corrupted. When I SSH into the drive and try to execute the binary I get a message "cannot execute binary file". Is the file ok or I'm doing something wrong?

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Hi again,

Is there any news on this topic. I'm really interested in getting Sync installed on my 4TB Single Drive WD My Cloud. What was the result of the discussion with WD? Is there hope for us people with this drives that were working with btsync with My Cloud firmware version 3? 

Thank you very much in advance.

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