Encrypted Read-Only Secret - Restore Deleted Data


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For many users, the encrypted read-only syncing i a good way of backing up data on an untrusted loacation.


If you accidently delete a file and the deletion is synced (happens quite fast!), its gone forever.

Even if  any encrypted file is retrieved via FTP (or any other way) from the Encrypted-only (F..) peer and you have all the  Keys, it still cannot be decrypted.


So, any virus / mistaken deletion is fatal. Also the use of the version history is not meant to be used with encrypted-only (F..) Peers.

My scenario would be kind of a "TimeMachine" backup of the (F..)peer folder onto another HDD. But if i only store undecryptable material....


For more information:



Thank you for consideration.

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+1 for this request. but that's only a start. for true backup we need to be able to:


1. access past versions of files.

think of some file content becoming garbage, instead of the file getting deleted. the remote node should be able to hold some configurable number of periodic "snapshots" of the tree, and the ui should have a nice way to say "get a copy of this folder as it looked a week/month/... ago".


2. occasionally verify that the remote node has the correct file contents.

either automatically or on demand btsync should be able to compare local to remote files by hashing the full content. and there should be ui for reporting mismatches and taking action.


backing up to an untrusted location is a killer feature for me. but we're not there yet.


what i currently do is btsync to an offsite encypted node, and also periodically rsync to an external hdd at home, and for some syncs use the --checksum option to see that both hdds are readable. that gives me kind of nice backup, but requires manual work.


it would be great if a btsync node (really, the encrypted one) can be designated as having a backup role and automatically does what a good backup needs.

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