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A newbie question. I have Sync on a 1 Windows 7 PC, 1 Windows Server on one site and on 1 FreeNAS server and 1 Windows 8.1. on another site.


All machines are on 1.3.109 (automatic update) except the FreeNAS: 1.3.9x (it pretends it's the latest version)


3 days ago, Sync the FreeNAS sever decided that it was not in Sync anymore.And decided to redowload everything it already has. There is about  400GB remaining, so probably 5 wks saturating the pipes. And the thing I need it to sync does not sync.


This was triggered by adding a new shared folder in FreeNAS btsync jail.


My question is:

Is there a safe way to force Sync to reindex to not dowload what it had already?




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What is the actual version on NAS and where you've installed Sync from? 


Do I understand it right and after you added a new folder to NAS, the previously added (and synced) folder indicated it needs to download 400 GB from other peers? Do other peers show that they need to upload those files? With what secrets are they connected to each other - read-only or full access? 


If you haven't actually touched the files and there is no chance they were updated by the system/another app, try restarting Sync on all PCs. Sync will reindex all the files and if their hashes match, it will not want to sync anything. Otherwise - it will. 

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Thanks Helen, Yes,


Basically all synced folders needed to redownload all the content, all one way. With Full access secret key. All files are very static files, and are not accessed by anything else than FreeNAS system and Sync.  


NAS version: - I upgraded yesterday night to And Sync refused to start after reboot: error 502.


After multiple reboots, I had to de-install sync, reinstall the latest build of Sync (in a new Jail). Delete the previous Jail, Recreate new folder with the console (FreeNAS bug), recreate jail to storage mapping. Now I need to reassign the keys to folders in the Sync WebUI, and pray for the best.


I'll let you know.

Thanks again!

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