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Sync Appears Incomplete - Mavericks Read-Only To Windows 8.1

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I'm syncing a music library from my mac to pc via LAN.  The music is stored on a second internal exfat hdd.  The sync is read-only.  When I look at my devices tab, I have files that never sync.  Files are not in use, verified through terminal.  Any ideas?


OSX app screenshot:

OSX log:

Win log:



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Are these files actually present on Windows? I see some of them in the Win log and it looks like they were edited there. In this case read-write peer (your Mac) will show the corresponding amount of files to be uploaded to read-only peer (Win), but they will not be uploaded (by design).


If it's not your case, please send fresh logs. Unfortunately these logs don't contain necessary information. The Win log was recorded for only 3 seconds (probably the rest of it went to sync.log.old) and Mac's log was recorded in a different time period. So, please, follow these tips: 


1) go to Advanced settings on both machines and set "log_size" to some 100-150-200 (it's in mb) and "folder_rescan_interval" to some 3600 (it's in seconds). restart Sync on both machines. You will be able to reset these to defaults after collecting logs. 


2) make sure that 'Enable debug logging" is turned on on Win machine. 


3) re-add the stuck files (try some first in the queue) to sync folder on Mac. when syncing stucks again, wait for some 10-15 minutes and go collect sync.log and sync.log.old from both machines and send them to In the message put the link to this topic.


Do I understand it right and 'dj library' is in ext drive and "_Serato" is on Mac's drive? 

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