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Forgot Gui Login, Can't Reset? [Ubuntu]

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What a nightmare. I synced a folder from my Windows PC and got the secret, so I can do some work remotely on an Ubuntu laptop.


I'm new to Linux, so this is where things get all out of whack. I've gotten it to work before, but I screwed something up starting today:


- I forgot you had to run btsync manually through terminal, so I accidentally reinstalled after assuming it wasn't there.

- Reinstalled (where I screwed up?) and it is running.

- Using, GUI password comes up with some saved password. I didn't record it, but I have a good system of passwords. All combinations failed.

- In etc/btsync, there's a conf file. I don't think that's the right one, but it did have a user and one of my frequently used passwords in plain text. That did not let me into btsync.


I've been Googling for hours. Lots of mentioning of the config files. I still don't understand the Linux file system. I have no clue where the default btsync directory is, where I'm told to put the config, and I still have no idea why debconf-default.conf has one of my passwords, but effectively it does nothing.

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Same here... — Windows XP user


Ok, so basically, if you've lost/forgotten your WebUI password, you need to reset it in a config file and then run Sync with that config file.


On Windows XP, you'll need to exit Sync and then do the following:


1) Open Notepad and add the following code (adjusting "storage_path" according to where the application data from Sync resides on your system):


   "storage_path" : "/Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/BitTorrent Sync",

   "webui" : {

        "listen" : ""




2) Save the file as "reset.conf" to C:\Program FIles\BitTorrent Sync (or wherever you installed Sync to)


3) Start a new blank document in Notepad, and add the following line:

START BTSync /config reset.conf


4) Save this second document as "reset.bat" to C:\Program FIles\BitTorrent Sync (or wherever you installed Sync to)


5) Run the reset.bat file (when you do, your default browser may open and show a warning that the "WebUI does not seem to be installed" - ignore it)


6) Exit Sync and then start it normally (without using the .bat/config file)


7) You should then be able to access the WebUI!

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