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[Solved] Can Connect To Secret, But It Will Not Sync And Files/folders Do Not Display

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I could use some help.  


I have BT sync installed on Win 8.1 and on my iphone.  My friend also has BT sync running in FreeNAS.  On windows, I can connect and create secrets and it will show connected, but it will not show any folders or files that are in the shared directory.  The odd part is that it is working on my iphone.  


I have tried port forwarding all ports from my router to my machine and I have also disabled the firewall, but still no uploading or downloading.  


Could anyone help?



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Ok, got it working, uninstalled and deleted all settings, then reinstalled and updated time zone and now it works.  


So, if a Mod wants to delete this thread, please feel free to delete it. 



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