Initial Sync Between Devices With Large Data


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If I was to copy the data manually to the other location(s), would btsync still want to Sync ALL data or is there a way I can trick it?

No, if you manually copy your data across first, when you then add both locations to Sync, Sync will index the locations and realize their contents are identical, and so nothing will transfer.

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will this also work if the other side will becom a read-only copy? for me its a pure backup location so i dont want it writable.

in the past that hasent worked for me with read-only. does 1.4 fix that?


//UPDATE: i just tested and it seems that this is still the case.


My Steps:

created 2 Folders on each PC with identical files






added both on PC1, closed BTSync on PC1

started BTSync on PC2 and added the ReadOnly Key for TEST-RO and ReadWrite Key for TEST-RW

TEST-RW gets indexed but TEST-RO does not


seconds after i start BTSync on PC1 TEST-RW is done, but TEST-RO is doing a full-pull from PC1 to PC2



would be great to enable the PreCopy also for RO Syncs.


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