Speed Limit Is Obeyed But Disabled In The Settings

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Hi Helpers,


I was lookin for a problem with speed limits, and found some threads already describe a lot of ways to check what are the reasons.


Unfortunately, I got the situation, that the speed limit is obeyed, *although* the limit is not activated.

(In other words, my limit settings are ignored)


(I restarted the application, though, I tested the last weeks and realized, that restarting btsync was not needed to acativate/deactivate the speed limit (on Mac))


Now I'm using btsync 1.3.109 on MAC OSX Mavericks.


my folder settings:

-use relay server when required

-use tracker server

-search lan



What I did / Steps to (maybe) reproduce:


I set the limit rates to "10" and restarted btsync. => btsync limits the bandwitdh after running again.


I disabled (unchecked) the limit and restarted but the limit is still the same ("10"). -> I can see the rates in the transfer tab.


I then activate the checkboxes again, change the "10" to "30" and disable the checkboxes again and restart btsync and voila, the speedlimit is now on "30" (although the checkboxes are still disabled)


this process took me a while, because btsync did not apply my settings every time I had restarted.



I guess, there is something wrong with the speed limit feature at all :-)




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