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Configurable Maximum Connections

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Using Bittorrent Sync 1.3.109 on both computers, Gentoo Linux and Windows 8.  Also using 1.3.21 on Android phone.


When transferring from Windows source to Android destination (via LAN), multiple connections are sustained even for large files and maximum practical bandwidth is saturated.


When transferring from Gentoo source to Windows destination (NOT via LAN), a single connection with very low speed is created for large files (though multiple connections are used for small files).  This is due to the nature of my ISP, which caps speeds per-connection.  Using BTSync, I am pulling 200-400 kB/s while using multi-threaded FTP, I can nearly max out the theoretical 12mB/s.


Likewise, making multiple sync folders instead of a single one higher in the tree (syncing subfolders independently) allows multiple connections (one per folder) which can speed up the process, but at the cost of usability.


Per-connection capping is a VERY common practice for ISPs, so the ability to make multiple connections is very desirable.

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