Adding Read-Only Keys To 1.4

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For the life of me I cannot figure out how to add a folder with a read-only key that I have.I try to update a key on a folder that I added but it does not accept the read-only key (works fine with full access keys). Is there some other way to add it or is this a bug?

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Nevermind, I figured it out. New design/layout/functionality is fairly confusing.


On a side-note, for read-only shares, what does "Overwrite any changed files" mean exactly? That changes I make in that share will be overwritten or that changes I make will overwrite (override) remote changes?

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I seem to be having the same problem with bittorrent sync 1.4.75.


On node 1, I go to "preferences" for a specific share, then "view key" and then I copy the read-only key.


On node 2, I click on the "enter link" icon at the top right, then I paste the read-only key and enter the directory.


However, on the just added share on node 2, when I go to preferences and view key, it shows me a read-write key and a different read-only key than the one I pasted. Also the share icon on the left does NOT show that it's read-only. One of the read-only shares that came with me from 1.3 does show the icon.


In addition, the two peers never find each other, even although on the same class C subnet.


So the question remains: What is the correct way to add a share with a read-only key?


When I find out, I will post again, probably with more than just "Nevermind, I figured it out." :)


Slightly later:


Nevermind, I figured it out. (but I'm not going to tell you)


(haha just joking. :)


It looks like directly entering the RO key from node 1 simply does not work, and does not warn the user that it won't work.


I got it working by going through the "share | read-only | copy link" functionality, making sure to disable expiration under "advanced" on the share dialog box.


It would be great if the GUI *did* work correctly with the direct entry of an RO key.

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