Btsync Just Crashes After Update To 1.4

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I updated my home server to BTSync 1.4 and the app just crashes on startup. I clicked "submit a dump to developers" but then it just crashes again.

Thankfully I could recover the config files from their .old versions and use the old 1.3.109 exe again. 


Any ideas what to do? I really don't want to wipe the config and recreate all 40 shared folders and their keys and their options (named hosts etc.) by hand...


On my laptop (with only two shared folders) the update went fine, btw.

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A couple of questions for you; on which OS is Sync 1.4 crashing for? ...and are there any Sync 1.2 clients in your mesh? (there was a know issue where the presence of 1.2 clients in a 1.4 mesh could cause 1.4 clients to crash)

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Yeah, sorry - should have mentioned the OS. It's Windows Server 2012 (not R2).

I don't think there are any 1.2 clients, but I'll check. There might be 1.3.pre-109 (or whatever the update with the compatibility issue in the release notes was) clients, though.

But I don't think it even has time to connect to any peer. It's literally "double-click - crash".

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