[Solved] Android Version Can Not See External Sd Card

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I have just begun to test out BTSync and I have found the same thing.


I have a rooted GS5 running 4.4.2, I have cirumvented the SD Card restrictions in KitKat such that all apps have full control of read/write access to the ext SD Card, but I do not have the option to select ExtSDCard folders (aside from the default "/Android/data/com/bitorrent.sync/fies/" folder) within Sync for setting up folders.


Access to the external SD Card is a big deal. It is where I natively store the DCIM photos taken, as well as all other user data.



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All of my pictures reside on the microSD card. Why can't I set the directory of the "Camera backup" entry where I want? As it is now it's only cluttering the list of synced folders. Furthermore, the predefinded directories that show up when trying to add a backup are just unhelpful.


It'd be nice to not to have such hardcoded things when the user toggles the simple mode option.

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Same here. Just setup today with latest on both Android Note 3 (4.4.2) and Win 7 PC. Have working with internal storage (/storage/emulated/0) but cannot see external where most of my data is to back up.


Might I add noting you can copy the URL in the email to the key text field in the app would be nice. Finally tried that in desperation after could not get to work in IE, Chrome or Firefox.

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