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Your issue does not seem to be bound to the difference between 1.3 and 1.4. Can you please provide debug logs for analysis from your NAS and any other device it can't sync to?


2 things to check for you:
1. Did you modified files (or simply opened them so mtime changes) while Sync was off?
2. Turn on Sync auto-start. Check if *.db-wal files are present in %appdata%\BitTorrent Sync folder BEFORE you start Sync manually after reboot.


No way. You have to open folder properties and copy key instead of Link if you want to get your 1.3 connected to 1.4



BTSync 1.3 really felt like: I am in control.
1.4 feels like I am bossed around by some fishy software. From Android, I cannot even get the clear Key / Secret any more. Only a mysterious Link..

We'll bring back ability to operate Keys on Android in upcoming update. As for the Link - it is simple enough. Link is secure way to exchange keys between your devices. Once you produced link on one device, open it on another. When BTSync picks it up - it will securely exchange keys. See here ( for more details.

Could you please elaborate - what exactly is not working with certificates? I'll appreciate if you can share all the details to so we can help you.


I'll check the Socks5 with SSH in my lab and let you know.


We are aware about issue with Android battery. Fix is coming in next update.

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There should be a settings.dat.old and a sync.dat.old file which are backups of the 1.3 version config. Just rename them removing the ".old" part and 1.3 should work again.

2 Steps is pretty generous, I'd say more like 20 steps. It looks like an oversimplified webpage was crammed into the btsync window (which might explain the need for IE9+). I installed it on a new mach

Seems like 1.4 is totally failed. Hope for some fast updates. Seems like lots of people used 1.3 in some kind of production and now have to figure out how to get it work again.

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Did someone get the proxy support working? I established a SOCKS5 proxy with SSH and "DynamicForward", I see attempts to connect to port 3000, but connection fails. It also says "only socks5 connect supported" from SSH, but in btsync I activated socks5!

Have you checked your ssh socks5 with other applications?

Try to test with curl. Here is an example:

curl --socks5


Good luck :)

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