Not Possible To Make Bt Sync Portable Anymore?


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In older version we could make a portable version of the app by adding settings.dat file along with btsync.exe. 


I've tried to do the same with version 1.4, but keep getting crash error on start. There is no problem by launching installer itself, app crashes while trying to start it with settings.dat (empty) file in the same folder.


Is it bug? Or is there option to use 1.4.x version as portable app?

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BTSync "officially" stopped supporting portable versions as of Sync 1.2.82.


"Unofficially", however, the latest build of 1.3 (1.3.109) still works in "portable mode"... but as I say, this is "unofficial".


During alpha testing of 1.4, testers found - like you - that "portable mode" crashes. Sadly, as this mode is no longer officially supported there's no resolution/fix - you'd have to stick with 1.3.109 if you require portability.


However, I'd suggest adding your voice/support for bringing back "portable mode" in this thread over in the Feature Requests forum.

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Okay, that sucks. Why isn't this mentioned in the release notes ("now we REALLY don't support it anymore")?

But it explains the crashes on my home server after updating to 1.4 ;)

I guess I'll have to trust BTSync to recognize that just because the Bitlocker drive is not unlocked yet that does not mean it should delete all files from all peers like it did in the past...

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Because it hasn't been "officially" supported for some time, and therefore hasn't been "dropped" as such for 1.4 - it just no longer works!

Well, from my (admittedly technical) point of view release notes should reflect the actual functionality of the product. I'm not going to split hairs about the difference between "has been dropped" and "does no longer work" with you.

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This are bad news.

I use btsync in several devices, Windows,pi, nas. No problem.

On my company laptop I use it as portable version. After update to 1.4 it stopped working.

Can I reinstall version 1.3 and sync this laptop with my other devices where version 1.4 is running? Is that compatible? Where can I download this old version?

Thanks Thomas

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