Android, How To Deselect Selected Sync Files?

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I have a synced folder between two PC's. I then added this folder to my android phone with RW, but not selected automatic sync.


I then clicked into this folder inside Sync GUI in the phone, it listed files & folders to me, without syncing them. So far so good. Then I went into a subfolder and clicked two files. They got downloaded to the file system of the phone and now have a green checkmark next to their listing in Sync GUI.


Like this:

Main Folder





Now, I do not want to have these files anymore. If I delete them from the filesystem, I think Sync will synchronize this as a change and delete them from both PCs. I do not want them to be deleted. I simply need Sync to stop syncing them and delete them from the filesystem of the phone, but without deleting them from the other servers.


How can I do it? I tried to click the checkmarks, it gives a dialog to open the file. I tried to long press, it selects a file and let me select more, but there's no option to "un-sync". If I click the files, then they simply again try to open.


No way to unsync a file once it's selected and downloaded? Do I need to remove the folder and re-add to Sync?


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i have the exact same issue/question...


I want to be able to remove a file from the local storage of my phone, without the "deletion" being synched to all other devices.


Setting the folder on my phone with a read-only key isn't an option because a want to be able to manually add files from my phone to this folder.


As a reference: the "starring-system" in the dropbox app does exactly that: you mark the files that you want to be offline available on your phone. Un-starring it doesn't remove it from all synched devices, but merely removes it from the local storage of the phone...

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