Windows <--> Linux <--> Windows Not Working. No Peers Ever Seen.

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Windows 7 (x64) running btsync 1.4

Ubuntu Server 14.04 running btsync 1.3.109 (apt-get update not picking up new version?)


Two pre-seeded folders on each PC containing lots of subfolders and files.


I was hoping that 1.4 would bring a fix for the linux <--> windows sync problem I'd posted here:



Basically, no matter which platform I set up a sync folder on, no syncing ever occurs between the linux <--> windows. No peers are ever registered, and file name changes made on either PC do not syncronise onto the other PCs.


Someone mentioned that this might be occuring because the network interface on my Ubuntu PC was called "P1p5" instead of a normal "eth0" ... however, in the intervening months between my original post and now, my netowkr interface is now called "Eth0".


I'm desperately trying to acheive a three-way (fnurr, fnurr) sync relationship between my home PC, my work PC, and my Ubuntu Server PC, but BTSync keeps not working, despite how badly i want it to.


Please can anyone give me some advice?


Thanks in advance.

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Update: I come into my office this morning, only to find that while i was away overnight, syncing DID occur, and all files/folder renamed in windows and vice versa are now synced.


It just seems that syncing occur out of hours! Or only after a few hours of waiting... its not instantaneous like i hoped it would be.

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I;ve updated my ubuntu linux BTSYNC to the latest version, its running as root.


So i had a look in my own sync.log files.


In Windows theres loads of:



[2014-08-29 12:49:43] FC[3B69]: file updated - processing file "MY FILE NAME"

[2014-08-29 12:49:43] FC[3B69]: found ignored stream "Zone.Identifier" in file "MY FILE NAME"



and in the linux log file there are references to error 110 and error 111:



[20140829 12:44:24.046] Requesting peers from tracker for share DC6CD6909CD378153CCBC6BF32C96DD468503B69
[20140829 12:44:24.046] Creating TCP tracker connection to
[20140829 12:44:24.046] Creating uTP tracker connection to
[20140829 12:44:47.006] Closing uTP tracker connection to Error 110
[20140829 12:46:31.346] Closing TCP tracker connection to Error 111
Has anyone been able to fathom out why Linux <--> windows won't play properly?
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This is definitely a Windows vs. Linux problem.


I install BTSync on another Windows 7 PC on the network.... and the files download fine. 


I also tried syncing two pre-seeded folders on windows 7 PCs on the network, and they work fine too...


So... yeah.,.. thats it. Looks like the Linux vs. Windows situation hasn;t been fully rectified in 1.4 ... not to worry. Maybe in an update or two.

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