Can The Linux Web Ui Present Content, Or Is It "manage Only"?

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I decided to try using Bittorrent Sync as a file backup solution (kind of a Dropbox alternative) using my own cloud storage.


I installed the Linux version of BTSync onto a Ubuntu VPS. The Web UI comes up properly, I can login, I can add and share folders, and I can see from the UI that syncing is working just fine. So far so good!


But I cannot navigate the folders to view the content. Is this correct?


After thinking about this, it occurs to me that this Linux Web UI is ONLY for managing the shares, not to be used for navigating and downloading content. I guess I will need to implement another approach such as serving the files via Web, FTP, or whatever to actually get to the content on the Linkux VPS.



This Linux VPS is pure CLI, so being able to access the synced files via Web is desirable.






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In retrospect, the BTSync Web UI for Linux does exactly what it's supposed to do--manage shares. In fact, that's really all the Windows client does as well, with the only difference being that the Windows client will launch a Windows Explorer window when you double-click the folder in the client UI. I assumed the Linux version would somehow provide a similar function.


Time to post a feature request!

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