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Short answer: Don't do it.


I've spent quite some time trying to get BitTorrent Sync running through Docker but your problem will be the UDP Multicast on port 3000 that BitTorrent Sync uses for LAN Discovery and the initial Handshake.

If you run < 2.0 BTSync (or only 1.4 Folders with separate swarms) you won't have many problems as you can just use the folder secrets to manually link the hosts but if you want to use a single 2.0 swarm you'll run into many problems.


If you want to give it a shot you should try to write the initial BTSync config with a completely exposed Docker container (--net host) that can listen to the UDP Multicast and then run a non-exposed container with a shared volume afterwards.

Keep in mind that you then need to manually enter the docker host to the "Use predefines hosts" list of your client as you won't find this daemon through LAN discovery.

(Not supported on phones yet)


You could try to get the Multicast working with Pipework ( but I decided to stick with the non-docker daemons on my hosts.

(If you try out pipework I would be very interested in the outcome!)


Here is my Dockerfile that I used to run BTSync with SSL:


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