Ability To Set A Name For A Sync (Other Than The Folder Name)


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>>> I would like to set a name for a given share in the UI which does *not* reflect the file system folder it points to.


My god! Since 2014 several users asking for this simple UI change and no change was made until today?


Look at my case:


use Resilio Sync with a "Pro Individual" license in devices running Windows and Debian.


I have different folders, with different data, in different devices. But these different folders have the same name. And it's defined by a third part software. I cannot change the actual folder name.


I want to sync all these folders with all my devices for backup purposes. BUT (this is different of people usually wants), the data on the folder of device 01 will not merge with the data of the device 02.

In the disk of each device, the original folder will remain named "Financial data" . And I will be able to sync the data from other devices, saving in different folders, like:

- "c:/backup/device01/Financial data"

- "c:/backup/device02/Financial data"

- "c:/backup/device03/Financial data"


When I add a folder in Resilio Sync, it is named automagically just like it's name on disk. Let's say... "Financial data".

I want to rename it's label inside Resilio Sync. To "Financial data - device 01", for example.

So, I will repeat the procedure in the other devices: "Financial data - device 02" will contain the data of the 2nd device.


How can I rename the label of a folder inside Resilio Sync?





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For when doing Mobile Device Backups (where folder names can't be changed).


Also, in general most places I do work for rely heavily on folder 'structures' to give context to the content. So relying on the final node (folder name) to say it all is just not a good idea.

/Marketing/Current/Advertising/Artwork/Stock Images/JPG   ----> "JPG"  == Means Nothing

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