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I upgraded to 1.4. I have a client on Windows 8.1 64-bit behind a proxy. I have one folder that finds peers and syncs properly. No other folders I have added will find peers. The secrets are correct. The Preferences settings are apparently the same. All of the other folders say "no peers".

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consider yourself lucky, because you can sync one more folder than me :)


i'm trying to run the latest btsync on my work pc, through a socks5 proxy that provides unrestricted internet access. other programs work though this proxy. btsync finds no peers and i see similar errors in the debug log:
[2014-08-29 18:05:37] Closing TCP tracker connection to Error 10054
[2014-08-29 18:05:59] Closing uTP tracker connection to Error 138

my folders have default settings, except that "search lan" is turned off, but it didn't make a difference.


netstat shows that there's a connection between btsync and the proxy. wireshark doesn't capture packets to the tracker when the proxy option is selected. when i deselect the proxy option wireshark starts showing such packets. so obviously the proxy is being used.


the remote nodes i want to connect to are at home (behind nat) and they have configured port forwardings for themselves using upnp. i see them in the router's ui. non-work devices connect to them just fine.


can some btsync devs give ideas on how to debug this issue? are there any special requirements for running behind proxy?

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and i had some limited success. after sitting for several days with a proxy configuration my shares were synced and showed peers. but then i had to reboot the work pc and the peers were lost. after many days they are still not reconnected.


and what is more interesting is that for one of the shares the work node claims that it has a peer at home, but the home node says it has no peers.

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The requested logs from both machines were sent.


Previously I could sync the one folder using a SOCKS5 proxy thru Tor or my company's HTTP proxy on port 8080.

Now I only seem to be able to make a connection through Tor.


After leaving the Tor proxy on overnight I was able to see several other folders and peers, but not all of the folders. When I swapped proxies from SOCKS5 to HTTPS, and then back to SOCKS5 I am now only able to see peers on ONE folder.

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Do I understand correctly that one peer stays behind NAT and another behind proxy? If yes - could you please try to forward ports explicitly on your NAT and see if it helps?

yes, that's my setup. the automatic forwardings work. i verified that by telneting from outside to the public port.


the router (RT-AC66U) shows the forwardings:


Destination     Proto. Port range  Redirect to     Local port
ALL             TCP    14563   14563      
ALL             UDP    14563   14563      
and the process listens there:
[~] # lsof -P -i 4|grep 14563
btsync     4689    admin    7u  IPv4 3494377      0t0  TCP *:14563 (LISTEN)
btsync     4689    admin    9u  IPv4 2134800      0t0  UDP *:14563

the process is version 1.3.106, provided by qnap.

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The same here, after a while suddenly 2 folders are being sync'ed, not the rest. I'm tunneling over putty, the 2 folders show the 2 peers that should be connected, the rest show 0 peers. The rest of computers behind the firewall shows the 2 peers in all folders except for the 2 being sync'ed, where it shows 3 peers.

All versions have been updated to 1.4.110 Beta

(computer A - work -----putty----- computers B and C at different "homes")

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