Qt Based Multiplatform Gui And Api Library


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I created a Qt5 based GUI for btsync.

It should work on all 3 major operating system.


Except for selective sync, which will be added at some point, the ui supports every feature the API currently exposes.



Binaries for windows can be found on my github releases page:



You need the visual studio 2013 x86 redistributable for the prebuilt release to work:



You also have to place the installed btsync.exe next to the btsyncqt.exe for it to find it.


Currently it's not possible to connect to an existing btsync instance, but this functionality will be added in the future.


The sync storage is located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\btsync-qt\sync_storage



Compiling on linux is straight forward, provided you have cmake and Qt5, and its development files, installed:

mkdir build && cd buildcmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DBTSYNC_BINARY_DEFAULT_PATH=/path/to/your/btsync/binary ..make -j3

I also have an ebuild for this available in my gentoo overlay:



The ebuild is called net-p2p/btsync-qt

Make sure you have the gui useflag enabled for it to build the ui.



The github repository also contains an entire api wrapper and btsync client management api for use with Qt5, but i will create a seperate post about that in the development section soon.

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