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Encrypted Node Btsync Crash

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I've set up a new encrypted node with version 1.4.72 it all seems to work fine until I restart btsync. After restarting btsync I get the following error when Istart as --daemon:

[20140828 23:57:35.089] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152[20140828 23:57:35.090] Loading config file version 1.4.72[20140828 23:57:35.157] SF[22A9]: Loaded folder /home/btsync/encrypted[20140828 23:57:35.157] SF[22A9]: failed to read '/home/btsync/.sync/308F333D77DE20D22F3BDB2FE7C0CC98C96A22A9.availability'assert failed /mnt/jenkins/workspace/Build-Sync-x64/SyncFilesControllerRO.cpp:405 (17039432)Aborted

Seems to me like a bug, anyone knows a work-around?


Even after removing the .sync folder and set everything up again I get the same error after restart


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I am still having this problem. Even after a complete new installation of my OS.

Debian Wheezy 7.6 (Linux bu 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.60-1+deb7u3 x86_64 GNU/Linux)


Anyone have ideas what I can try next?

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My BTSync installation on a RPI also suffers from this issue.


From the sync.log:

[20140930 23:09:45.355] Loading config file version 1.4.75
[20140930 23:09:45.800] SF[A776]: Loaded folder /mnt/hd2/btsync/Kerkenraad
[20140930 23:09:45.800] SF[A776]: failed to read '/var/lib/btsync//10D22F7ACDFDF3D778E1D4196EA878F17BF3A776.availability'
[20140930 23:09:46.847] SF[3A39]: Loaded folder /mnt/hd2/Wendy/MijnDocumenten_Laptop
[20140930 23:09:46.847] SF[3A39]: failed to read '/var/lib/btsync//9C7DDEB172C55681E313C8FFF983BCA006E33A39.availability'
[20140930 23:10:08.117] SF[E463]: Loaded folder /mnt/hd2/btsync/Backup Fotos
[20140930 23:10:08.117] SF[E463]: failed to read '/var/lib/btsync//723506BB4425577601BFB94AB21F5BBCAB7BE463.availability'
[20140930 23:10:08.408] Received shutdown request via signal 2



I also sent my sync.log to

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I believe I'm running into the same issue with a Netgear ReadyNAS; with a clean btsync 1.4.77 install everything sync fine. After a restart all the syncs appear to stop:


[12:35:27]  total physical memory -1 max disk cache 2097152
[12:35:27]  Loading config file version 1.4.77
[12:35:27]  SF[8135]: Loaded folder /ReadyNAS1TB/btsync/LVids
[12:35:27]  SF[8135]: failed to read '/apps/btsync/config/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.availability'
[12:35:29]  SyncEncryptHandler: bad shareID (STATE_BEGIN)
[12:35:33]  SF[8B38]: Loaded folder /ReadyNAS1TB/btsync/LFamPics
[12:35:33]  SF[8B38]: failed to read '/apps/btsync/config/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.availability'
[12:35:37]  SyncEncryptHandler: bad shareID (STATE_BEGIN)
[12:35:39]  SyncEncryptHandler: bad shareID (STATE_BEGIN)
[12:35:47]  SyncEncryptHandler: bad shareID (STATE_BEGIN)
[12:35:49]  SyncEncryptHandler: bad shareID (STATE_BEGIN)
[12:35:59]  SyncEncryptHandler: bad shareID (STATE_BEGIN)
[12:37:03]  SF[EADB]: Loaded folder /ReadyNAS1TB/btsync/pub
[12:37:03]  SF[EADB]: failed to read '/apps/btsync/config/xxxxxxxxxxxxx.availability'

 I'll send the debug enabled logs to

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I sent my debug log to the support mail address. A few days after sending that e-mail, I got a response from the BT Sync support team with a link to a new build of the executable. I replaced the original btsync executable on my RPi. This solves my issue.

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I am having the same issue on an UnRaid server. started immediately after upgrade from 1.3.x to 1.4.93

I think it has something to do with the log line >>> Loading config file version 1.3.109


version: 1.4.93
platform: Linux 3.9.11p-unRAID #5 SMP Sat Dec 21 19:37:06 PST 2013 i686
[20141023 09:48:19.205] SF[C7DE]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 09:48:19.560] SF[5532]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 09:48:19.561] SF[5532]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 09:48:21.994] SF[8B6F]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 09:48:21.995] SF[8B6F]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 09:48:24.787] SF[A291]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 09:48:24.788] SF[A291]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 09:48:24.940] SF[3FB7]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 09:48:24.940] SF[3FB7]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:00:49.682] total physical memory -1 max disk cache 2097152
>>>>[20141023 10:00:49.713] Loading config file version 1.3.109 <<<
[20141023 10:00:49.994] SF[F92F]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:00:49.995] SF[F92F]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availab

[20141023 10:43:37.605] SF[1619]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:43:37.606] SF[1619]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:43:37.776] SF[0378]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:43:37.776] SF[0378]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:44:07.287] SF[22C3]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:44:07.287] SF[22C3]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:44:22.083] SF[bCB8]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:44:22.084] SF[bCB8]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:45:43.082] SF[2CB9]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:45:43.082] SF[2CB9]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:45:52.285] SF[754A]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:45:52.285] SF[754A]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:46:12.193] SF[6DA6]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:46:12.194] SF[6DA6]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:46:12.343] SF[7E48]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:46:12.343] SF[7E48]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'
[20141023 10:46:44.481] SF[0EEA]: Loaded folder /mnt/user/btsync/xxx
[20141023 10:46:44.481] SF[0EEA]: failed to read '/mnt/user/btsync/.sync/x-some-alphanumeric-numbers-x.availability'

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