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I upgraded to 1.4 on all my Windows machines. Not really working that well. My Win7 machine is prone to Not Responding and often shows slow script error messages.

How can I revert to 1.3 while preserving my shares?

I appreciate all the new indicators and features added to 1.4, but I think the move to an encapsulated web GUI is a bad move. The app used to be very tight and lean. Now the graphical footprint is unnecessarily larger, with bigger fonts and too much spacing in between.

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How can I revert to 1.3 while preserving my shares?

Unofficially, its possible, but its work you need to do!


first: stop btsync.


(if you have a machine where u not upgraded to 1.4 and used all the *same* shared folders there, u're lucky. Just check all your shared folders for those hidden files ".SyncID" and ".SyncIgnore" and copy them to the *same* shared folders on the machine u just upgraded.)




U need to check all your shared folders on your machines where u have upgraded to 1.4 for files/folders in a hidden folder named ".sync".


Those files are: "ID" and "IgnoreList".


There are maybe some other files like "StreamsList" or folders like "Streams" or "Archive" but u can ignore them. Well, I did, because u can't restore them for use in 1.3.


-File "ID" is the former ".SyncID" (ID of the folder, which is used by btsync to identificate the folder as a sync folder, and which sync folder it is)


-File "IgnoreList" is the former ".SyncIgnore" (is used to ignore several files/folders while syncing. not important as the "ID".)


-Folder "Archive" is the former ".SyncArchive" (the recycler folder of btsync. U need to know yourself, if u need those files, because they were deleted by btsync before and u probably have newer files in the shared folder itself.)


What do u need to do with those two important files "ID and "IgnoreList" in the ".sync" folder?


U need to rename them back to their original filenames (see above) and copy them in your shared folder, so 1.3 can use them again, after you installed 1.3 over 1.4, which is simply done by starting a copy of the btsync install file of 1.3. (do not start btsync after installing, if you're not finished to copy all those files back to its original location!)


U need to rename and copy those files for *each* shared folder u want to use again in 1.3.

(I had made copies of the files and renamed them instead of the originals. just to be sure, I have a backup...)


When u're done, u can start 1.3 and it will recognize your shared folders again.


Thats how it worked here.



No guaranty, no warranty, no nothing, for this "guide" could also work for you too, and I also reccomend to use 1.4 and just get used to it, because new features will not be available with old releases and -most important- u have to live with all the bugs (there are a lot of them in 1.3, but I guess also in 1.4 and 1.5 and 1.6.. so its up to you...).


Good luck.


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