[Android] Not Syncing Subfolder

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Hi everybody! I´m having some issue for syncing between a Windows 8.1 x64 computer and a Note 2 with Android 4.3 stock.
Subfolder are not getting synced, they appear correctly on the computer, files list and size is correct, but sync never start. 
However if i move the files at the root of the folder they sync correctly.
I updated both Android and Windows Sync to the latest build (I downloaded the latest version as the built-in version checker was not working for Windows) : Same issue.
I tried to delete the synced folder and link it again, I also tried moving all the files over a ´´clean´´ folder with another name : no change... 
The files are not in use, and they are not accessed by other programs. I stopped all resident program and the AV to be sure, no change.. 
All the files have standard latin characted, no accent, they are small files, both devices have a lot of empty space. Im not breaking the 256 character limit for the access path either, the longest files must be around 30 characters. I´m syncing over Wifi.
Does someone have any insight? 
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