[Android 1.4] Lan Sync Doesn't Work Without Internet Connectivity


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I sometimes connect to a WLAN without an internet-connection. I expect my Android-Clients to be able to sync when they are both connected to this WLAN, but they don't see each other there.


In that WLAN there is also another Windows-Client. One Android Client does see this Windows-Client, the other doesn't.


I saw this also before with the 1.3.x Versions.


(Client 4.1.36 on Nexus 7 (2013), Android 4.4.4 and Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.3.)


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my setup:

Win7 64(1.4.72)

Linux ARM(1.4.72)


Everything is on the same LAN.


After upgrade my systems to 1.4.x local LAN sync stopped work between android and other devices. Between Win and Linux machine everything works OK. But android doesn't see peers anymore and also Windows and Linux doesn't see android. Before upgrade to 1.4 everything worked OK.

What is important, btsync process on all my systems is approved to communicate only to private and multicast addresses. So there is(and always was) no Internet connectivity for btsync process. I allowed for a while internet connectivity and also selected all checkboxes on one share and then the share sees all peers and started sync.

So it seems something has changed in 1.4 androd version,and now it is not looking for shares on local LAN anymore, and it's useless without internet connectivity.  For paranoid person it is not acceptable :).

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I am experiencing the same issue. After 1.4 I can't get any sync going to my android phone. LAN only. Have not and will not enable any outside systems (dht, tracker). As far as the "internet connection" I do have wifi on, obviously. Will start to test which feature will enable windows/android syncing.

Ok, so I disabled LAN encryption and that did it. I had a feeling it was going to be in that ballpark because on the android app there is a section in the settings about "Identity" which I can't edit, set or manage. So as long as that Identity is not LAN encryption does not work which makes perfect sense. So until we know how to set that identity just disable lan encryption.

Hm.. Disabling encryption only helped so far. The phone can now see the share but no files are actually ever sync'ed. Man I wish I hadn't updated to 1.4...

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Tested again with the ccurrent 1.4.44


In a WLAN without an internet connection my 3 BT-Sync Clients on Android don't see each other, they also don't see the windows instance running 1.3.109 in the same WLAN.


I also encountered same issue between my My Book Live and Android, after upgrade to V1.4.75 on NAS.

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BTW: forum bug? I started this thread.

No, no forum bug; moderators will merge very similar/identical posts on the same topic/problem into single threads. This makes it easier for devs to track and gauge the scale of a particular issue, allows users to share experiences/workarounds with others experiencing the same thing, and allows devs to respond to everyone affected by the same issue in one go.

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