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Hello all,


My problem is that I can't find a (simple) way to add a RO folder to Bittorrent Sync. I know there is the "backup" feature, but that's not what I want because it won't delete data which is deleted from my phone (like the help at "http://sync-help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1642614-data-backup-function" describes).


I'm not sure but I think that I could create RO-Keys in older Android versions of btsync. Now if I want a classic RO share I first have to do the following steps:

1. create a R/W share on a desktop client2. add folder to Android device by scanning QR-Code3. disconnect folder from dekstop client4. share RO-Key from phone with desktop client5. add RO-Folder to desktop

Am I missing something, or is there really no way of adding a folder to Android without scanning QR-Codes/Enter the key manually or select the backup option?

I'm searching for an option that allows me to add a folder to btsync and creates a R/W and RO key like the windows GUI or webinterface does.

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