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can you explain exactly what we have to put in the file StreamsList ?

I don't understand the definition :

.sync/StreamsList (1.4+) = A user editable file allowing you to "white list" alternate streams, xattrs and resource forks (mainly for OSX users)

What is the differebce with Ignore file, how to use that file ?
Thank you

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Thank you for this answer.

So how to use it with mac files ?


Rules with btsync on mac os, now they should be in ignorelist or streamlist ?


I saw in streamlist the is somes rules, with, but i still have some apple files that never ending sync, but with it was working


For exemple, before i used to have thoses rules in ignore file :**

Now with, i have to put this in ignorefile or streamlist ?


Thanks for your help




edit :

sorry maybe we have two conversation about this file...

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Now with, i have to put this in ignorefile or streamlist ?

into the IgnoreList file. Also delete/comment out the streams in the StreamList files, to make sure that the streams are not included (not sure if BTsync handles this automatically or prioritises the IgnoreList over the StreamList, therefore deletion of streams will make sure it stays the way you want it)

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thank you, you are right, i needed to supps defaults settings in streamlist files.


In fact i didn't understand the role of streamlist file, because by defaut it allow to sync files.

It's seems that streamlist have priority over ignorelist, cause i had lot of files thats didn't sync.


Now i delete all lines in streamlist, and it seems that everything's going well, between all macs and PCs !


What i don"t understand, it's why by default files are in the streamlist file ? Maybe between macs only it's ok.

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