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I have couple of hundreds GB of data on several machines running btsync. I also want to access them from android phone. Obviously I don't want t sync all data to the phone. I want download some files on demand (dropbox style). I tried to use the folder in NON auto-sync mode, in this case is does not work. In auto-sync mode is tries to download whole folder.

When the auto-sync is off there is Synchronized label under the folder name, which seems not logical. It is not synchronized, just a couple of files were downloaded.

One more issue. I have one more folder on the phone with as little as 50 Mb of data. This folder is on auto-sync. Now the data in this folder is perfectly in sync on all devices. But for some reason under this folder there is a label Sending. But it is not sending anything and it should not! Its already in sync. 

Just in case you ask - yes I have read the manual.

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Issue #1 - Selective Sync.

Actually, Selective Sync (=non-auto) designed to be main operating mode for mobiles - obviously due to limited storage space. When you choose Selective Sync for the folder, you'll need to tap manually which files you want to get delivered to your phone. Could you please elaborate what exactly does not work? After you tap the file, you'll should get a progress bar below shortly, indicating progress of file delivery.

As for the "Synchronized" status - it means that "all files chosen to be synced are synced". Note, that if you have a bunch of peers, your Android device may participate and seed files that you've downloaded.


Issue #2 - Constant sending status.

Was recently fixed, issue is cosmetic and should disappear with next update. If it does not - please send us feedback from your Android device including debug logs.

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@Petrenko_denis @romanz


I had the same, Selective Sync (non-auto) used on latest Android version of the app.  For a week or so, only files that I selected got downloaded.  This is how I would expect the app to function.  Unfortunately sync then tried to download the entire contents of the folder.  Very warm phone in my pocket was my warning that something was wrong and I cancelled the sync and deleted the folder before the file system got completely filled up!  No idea why as I'd not used sync on the phone for a couple of days before this happened.

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I understand that you already stopped it. But just in case if this one repeats - we'll need debug logs from your android phone (just tap feedback, type text and agree to send the debugging information). The sooner you do it - the more chances for the failing event to get into the log.


Also, I wonder if you have noticed - when it happened, the "Auto" setting in sync still stays disabled or it gets enabled?

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