What Are The Best Os Platforms To Use With Btsync?

Linus MacWinfrey

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I am new to this and need to find the correct way of synchronising data.  What I want to achieve is the following:


  • Have a server in a SOHO setup
  • Linux Mint to run on server
  • Linux Mint on deskrops and laptops, but will consider Windows 8.1 or OS X. Currently have Mint 17 Qiana Xfce on my own laptop and my son has his MacbookPro with the latest Mavericks updates.
  • Mobile devices presently iPhone 5S and Android 4.2.1 on Huawei.
  • Future mobile devices could also include WP8.1 or even Blackberry

This is still far from happening but we could, when we open new offices, host user data on a central server at HQ and use VPN for remote access.  This is just an idea.


The minimum we need is a direct sync via USB or local WLAN, not Internet, to sync between user phone and user laptop the following:


  • Contacts - essential
  • Calendar - essential
  • Tasks/Reminders - essential
  • Notes - essential
  • Media files - optional
  • Documents, spreadsheets, etc. - optional

Each user may also end up with large laptop that mostly stays in the office, then a large screen tablet together with a smartphone.



  • I trust neither Android nor Apple with my data and would prefer Blackberry for security. 
  • Apple had let us down badly with both OS X and iOS earlier this year.  Updates crippled functionality and then did not rush to fix.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 is second to BBOS as far as security goes and I like the high-end Lumia phones, so WP8.1 could be an option
  • Blackberry?


Direct sync is needed as GSM coverage in my country is much less than reflected on coverage maps and fixed lines don't exist in rural areas where we are operational. Bandwidth also is expensive and a local sync solution would be ideal.


What would the best setup be?  I was advised to use ownCloud and caldav/cardav/webdav for local sync but then someone mentioned BT Sync.  Comments welcome!

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