1.4 On Synology Always Re-Indexes And Never Completes Sync

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Hi, I had a wonderfully working setup and recently updated to v1.4 on my Synology nas synching to another Synology NAS and ever since have had no end of problems.


First, it would never finish a sync, it wold say it had zero bytes to send and just kept at that. I tried to reboot the NAS or restart the bt sync package but thats when I noticed another problem. On one of my NAS units its all fine. Reboot, it runs through a quick re-index and is ready to go. On one of them however it always says my sync folders are zero in size and performs a FULL re-index each time which can take half a day. 


I can't see why one unit works and one is failing.

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Same problem on ubuntu 14.04.1.. I have few instances but on one where a store encrypted backups I can not sync after restart.. Data are on drive (~50GB in 3 e-keys) but in web gui showing 0.. after pause and unpause it jumps aroud 100MB but after while it is 0 again..

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