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Where Can I Find All The Linux Sync.conf Commands?

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In the linux server version of 1.4, the Sync.Conf file I am running hints that there are loads more options that COULD go into sync.conf.


Where can i find all of these options? I tried but this does not seem to make reference to any extra linux config entries to make in sync.conf.



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Please let us know which params are not clear so we'll add KB article and/or improve sample config file.

I think mcai8rw2 is asking what the extra options are. GreatMarko gave two links to that info that I've also been looking for.


NOW I have an additional question about some preferences that are usually hidden. Using the API I can use api?method=get_prefs and get a list of current settings. There are many items in the list that don't seem to be documented anywhere. Some can be guessed based on their name but some cannot:

  "s_url": "",  "sdur": "0",  "sid1": "0",  "sid2": "0",  "sid3": "0",  "sid4": "0",  "sid5": "0",

I have no idea what those are and I'm not going to post the rest of the items that I don't recognize, either.

That makes 3 lists of possible preference settings for Btsync.


  1. The settings from btsync --dump-sample-config
  2. The settings from curl -s -n localhost:8888/api?method=get_prefs
  3. The settings from this article.


There is some overlap between all three lists.

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Oh, I see now. There is a bug in 1.4 - it shows more parameters in API get_prefs call than it should. It would be fixed soon. Sorry for inconvenience.

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