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Tell Me What's Preventing A Sync

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Over time, many of my syncs accumulated files that are just stuck. The best BTSync can tell me about them is by saying "uploading" when I click the (i) icon. It really needs to tell me something that I can actually act on, e.g. "the file is in use on the remote device and cannot be updated" or something like that.


If the remote computer doesn't even have this folder in the sync anymore, it needs to be removed from this list! If the remote computer is offline or unreachable, it needs to be clearly indicated as the reason for why the sync is stuck.





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I've found, for example, that if an IOS phone (with Sync client) on a LAN gets a new IP address over a short period of time via DHCP (after Wi-Fi reconnect, or whatever), apparently, it seems to no longer get noticed by its peer(s) (e.g., a Linux client) on the same LAN (I've waited for an hour, with DHT on, search LAN on).


Restarting the Linux client helps instantly. But before that, you can't tell why it's not syncing.


Would be nice to see more status info on recently connected clients. Something like "Last contacted" time indication would be of much help, too. Say nothing of its IP address and listening port, etc.

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