[Solved] Another .syncignore Question


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Hi: Tried all I can find here but still can't figure it out the whole “.SyncIngore” thing.

Can I please get someone to explain it to me like I’m a 2 year old?

I am on a Mac using sync 1.4:

Lets say I am syncing Document folder A to Document folder B.

Inside both folders is a folder named Bob, which I want the sync to ignore, i.e, sync every folder inside Document folder A & Document folder B, but leave the Bob folder alone.

From what I can tell, I create the UTF-8 file using wildcards.

So I created a .SyncIgnore file with *.* as its only contents and placed the file inside the Bob folder.


BTSync still syncs the Bob folder.

How (exactly, step by step) do I get it to ignore the Bob folder?

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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I believe the .syncignore file should be only in the root folder.  Inside it, you would put the path to the "bob" folder (ie \folder 1\subfolder\bob) and it should then ignore the folder. 

OK -


So, I put the .SyncIgnore at the root level of my HD.


the folder I want to ignore is Microsoft User Data which is inside the documents folder.


So Inside the file I should have


/Users/MYUSERNAME/Documents/Microsoft User Data


Is this correct?


Thanks Again !

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SOLVED: Here is info I received from support in case it helps someone else.


Note that in 1.4. syncIgnore file was changed. Now it's .IgnoreList located in .sync folder. Thus the synignore file that you created didn't work. Please, do not create the syncignore file yourself, use the one that is generated by Sync.

If Bob subfolder is located in the root of Documents folder and Documents is added to Sync, then you should just enter line


to Sync ignore and save it. Do it on both peers. After that please re-add the folder on both peer, since if Sync already indexed (and/or sycned) the subfolder, adding it to syncignore will not un-do it. Re-adding the folder will force Sync to re-index it with ignored items taken into account.   

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