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My company is looking to start using BitTorrent Sync on our network of Macs and so far we’re really impressed. One thing we’re concerned with though is the conflict resolution between files.

When one file is opened between two users and they make different changes then save, it is the latest saved version that is kept while the other is sent to the sync archive.

Does anyone know if there is a way to have both versions saved in the same place perhaps with filename.pages.conflict on the latest copy?

Many thanks,

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Sync takes the last modified version of a file and syncs it for all peers. Versions, considered to be old are moved to the .sync\Archive subfolder (and added with .n postfix where "n" grows if there already such files in Archive). Archived version stays there for 1 month (by default) and then deleted. 


Does this way of versioning fit your needs?

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Hi @RomanZ


Does BitTorrent Sync have any way of knowing when two people are working on the same file at the same time?


If this happens and both people do a lot of work it'll only keep the last saved version and the other will be sent to .sync\Archive and we'll have to dig it out. This could cost us a lot of time.


If would be helpful if BTSync could recognise when a file is being edited by two people and automatically saving them as separate (conflict) files.



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