Web Gui Empty? Help :s

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Hi guys,

I recently aquired a Raspberry with linux to work as my personal cloud. I have it in a house some miles from mine.

I've installed bittorrent sync following some tutorials.

I always access it outside the network, I can SSH, VNC, access WEB UI etc.

All was fine for a few days. I could add several folders trhu the web GUI  and sync them with several computers.

I could access it outside the network and sync with several computers outside.


But now.. when I load the web GUI page directly from the Raspberry (i'm using VNC to access it) I can see the syncing folders. But loading it from outside the network in any computer, the web GUI is empy! Shows no directory and I can't add any.

But files are still syncing..

I have my router with the ports fowarding and it as all working fine before.

Reboot did not helped...

help? :S

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