[Solved] Excessive Time Difference Between Peers

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Help me with Excessive time difference error :(
this article in the Sync Help Center doesn't help.
Both my computers have equal time zone and time. And the same OS.
One of them show me "Excessive time difference" for all folders: old ones synced without any problem within few mouth and just created new ones. I cant mention exactly what time this trouble have started. 

(of course i have restarted new sync, app, comp. with no positive result)
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Both my computers have equal time zone and time. And the same OS.

Have you tried syncing them both to the same internet time server just to be absolutely sure they are identical?

As per the help article, "if any of your peers has invalid time (or, which is more often - invalid TimeZone) - the time difference becomes suspiciously significant (1 hour or more) and Sync gives you a warning". There are no other instances under which you'll e seeing an "Excessive Time Difference Between Peers" warning - it will be the time/date/timezone/DST settings on the system clock on one or both of your devices.

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I suspect that you may be affected by daylight saving time (which was recently switched to winter time in number of countries). What does the commands / scripts from article show you when you run it? It should show difference in GMT time if DST is invalid.

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