[Bug] Preference Values In Btsync 1.4.x Contain "*"

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If you look at the preferences in the latest version of BTSync,

the values of some settings are being prefixed with "*",

even though, when you set them, they are pure integers.


I've no idea what the meaning of this "*" is,

but what I do know is that it breaks the API.




If you look at the JSON returned by the API:




You'll see it returns "*" as part of some values which means

they can no longer be parsed as integers which in turn breaks the clients.



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An asterisk is shown in the UI to denote values which have changed from their default factory values.


They shouldn't, however, be returned by the API - that would indeed appear to be a bug!

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The problem is I'm letting do the parsing automatically,

don't feel like doing it manually just because the BTSync team fix it.

It still feels like this whole thing is someone's pet project :-)

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