Lan / Home Wifi Sync Difficulties

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I'm trying to set up BT Sync so that it uses my home network rather than the internet so that it backs up as quickly as possible. I'm backing up, rather than syncing, several folders from my phone to my pc. Both are connected to my router wirelessly. The issue I have is that the backup isn't happening, probably because the devices can't see each other.


I have disabled the following settings for each folder:


Use relay server when required

Use tracket server

Search DHT network


I have Search LAN enabled.


A screenshot of the settings can be seen here:


Looking at the network map (using this workaround as they got rid of the network map for Windows 8) I can't see the phone so I think the first step is making my phone visible on my home network. I've googled for this but if there is a solution out there it's swamped under simple connecting phone to wifi issues, rather than the visibility to other devices being addressed. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S4.


I'm not sure whether the devices should be able to find each other anyway even if I can't see the phone on the network map.



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