"number Of Pieces In Torrent File Doesn't Match For File" After Installing 1.4

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How I regret having upgraded to 1.4, everything is out of sync ever since.
I have three devices (windows 7, Android and NAS with Linux) and now in the Linux box I'm getting the error: "number of pieces in torrent file doesn't match for file".

I've attached the log file, although I had to change the extension to txt.
This only happens for versions 1.4, if I install 1.3.* the error disappears.
   Any ideas or suggestions how to overcome this?
The NAS is where I centralize all my data and now it simply does not sync.
Disconnecting and then adding again a folder with the same key seems to fix the problem, but that is going to be a pain since I have several folders synching.
The fact that I have several folders also made me notice another problem in the WebUI: no vertical scroll bar!
Honestly, I understand this is in beta and free, but this version seems to have been rushed out the door without any proper testing. If this was version 1 I'd understand, but this is messing up previously running installations.
How can I avoid having to re-create all of my folders again?
And is there a way I can tweak the webui zip file to display a vertical scroll bar?


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Hello Harold.

Sorry it took me so long to reply.

   Yes, all devices are using the same version although I think only the Linux box matters.

The moment I revert the Linux box (and only that one) to 1.3 the message disappears.

I´ve upgraded to 1.4.83 in the meantime, but that didn´t fix anything.

I was then forced to disconnect and add the folders again, because the Linux box started overwriting newer files on the other devices and I wasn´t sure if that was being caused by this error.

That helped somewhat, but I still have problems in a couple of folders.

I'll open another topic with all the issues I've been having with the WebUI for the Linux version.

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Also having this problem on a pair of identical QNAP T-421 both running 1.4.76. Oddly enough, it only ever happens on one of them; not sure if that's just because of the direction of the syncing it's trying to do or what...  Everytime it fails, btsync crashes (process dies) and it's always with this set of log entries (although the file can change):


[20141014 00:51:20.989] TorrentFile: 0x7460bea0 created
[20141014 00:51:21.041] FC[C042]: LoadTorrent: wrong number of pieces for file /Path/Document.pdf without metadata, resetting it
[20141014 00:51:21.041] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/Path/Document.pdf", source = "NULL"
[20141014 00:51:21.041] TorrentFile: 0x7460bea0 deleted

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