Use Of Btsync With Removable Storage - Works?

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I have a partner who wants to keep backups of a folder on his NAS server.  But It can't have BtSync installed on it as it operates wholly from unmodifiable firmware.


That said if he installs BtSync on a machine on his network it would work but in this case the "drive" will go off line and be un-mounted whenever he takes his machine off his LAN or the LAN goes down.


Will this work?  One wants BtSync to simply suspend whenever the network drive is unmounted, and then resume whenever it is re-mounted and resume syncing from the other machines when it is re-mounted all in the background without having to manually stop it before leaving the space ( and maybe going on a wifi in a cafe) and then resuming sync to that folder after the network drive is re-mounted.


One surely wouldn't want it to somehow sense the contents were "deleted" and propagate a delete to any other listening clients or other errors to occur.


Also is there some safety if another drive is mounted to his machine on another network (ie: /backup :) where it is mounted with the same path as the one BtSync is registered as sharing? Does it install a ".BtSyncUUID" or whatever at the root of the shared directory to make sure it doesn't accidentally start synching to the wrong mount?



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> I have not tested this, but BTSync is supposed to handle removable drives now. In earlier versions

> it would indeed interpret an unavailable folder as "all files have been deleted" and merrily sync that

> deletion to the other nodes.


Whoa! sounds horrid in that means if there was a drive going off line or having an IO error due to any number of potential failures it might have deleted everything everywhere.  Very dangerous!  I would think it should have a UUID for the share in the .xxxx file on the shared folder an no action would be taken unless it was able to access the folder *and* verify the identity and integrity of the control info etc.

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I sync a directory from a TrueCrypt container, which is not mounted all the time. As long as I don't mount it, btsync displays it as "Folder not found". Once mounted, it happly starts syncing. The drive is locked for unmounting, as btsync keeps an open file handle on several directories. I have not yet tried to force unmount of the container while btsync is still running.

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