Btsync With Amazon Ec2 And S3


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Hi i am new here to BtSync.
We have developed an Online Virtual-Desktop (called, we host all Instances via Amazon AutoScale (Ec2) and all Crypted Userfiles in Amazon S3 tier.
Now we are Interessting in BtSync and get our API-Key yesterday. 
It is possible to run BtSync in S3 or all ec2 instances to sync all user files (from all AutoScale instances, too)?
We have seen this PHP snippet: 
We have already installed BtSync on our Local-TestServer with the config file and started in gui mode, the sync is working good (local and via Internet), but with on of the api snippet above we cant get any information about folder or files :(
Did any one have a code snippet to get files from amazon S3 over an ec2 instance or directly over s3?
Thank you in advance
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Generally, you can wget or curl to retrieve the files from S3, but you'd need to make sure they were available publicly and that's not a good idea for security. I would use the aws cli to retrieve objects from S3 securely using https and IAM authentication.


However, as a note, S3 is server-side encryption (when used), meaning Amazon holds the decryption keys. While that makes it very usable, it's less secure than if only the user has the decryption keys.


Also see:

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