Ios ~ Please Can We Get The New Ios8 Api Support (Document Pickers, Etc)


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I really hope the developers are paying a little more attention to this feature request. Without it, Sync on iOS is purely for consulting documents and not much more really. While I realise it's not their core focus, this feature will help in eating away at the competition's market share.


Almost all the best apps have already integrated Document Picker and being able to simply open Sync from my preferred text editor, edit a file, save and have it sync back to my machines would be golden!!


So... +10 at least from me :D

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We're getting close to the release of iOS9, and we're still missing key functionality introduced in iOS7. I want to be able to open a spreadsheet in bittorrent sync on my iPhone, make an edit, save it, and then be able to see that on my mac. This is possible with the APIs, and it has been for quite some time. 


If you can just implement this and improve the general quality of the iOS app, I'll be happy to plunk down for that annual subscription.

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