Android: Whats Happend With The Ui?


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I had to do a factory reset of my mobile.


After reinstalling of my loved btsync i want to sync folowing folders:






Is this not longer possible? :mellow:

Only one Basefolder? :(

No Way to select a Folder, only scanning the QR? :o


Hopefuily there is a solution.


Thanks in advance,


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Your questions was asked quite often in the last few days (for example here and here)


To spare you the reading: You have to create a shared folder via desktop PC and then add it via QR-Code (either RO or RW share). Note that the "camera backup" behaves slightly different (see help). 

If you want to select a folder other than download folder you should disable the "easy-mode" under advanced settings, then you'll be promted to choose a folder everytime you scan a QR-Code.

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I was also surprised by the new ui.

After few tries, It seems not possible anymore to sync the camera folder ( instead of a backup)).

Could it be specific to camera folder ?

( i did create RW code on the computer) 


could someone confirm if it is still possible as in previous versions? 


Thanks everybody

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