Installer Does Not Start

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Is the installer actually producing an error, or just not starting?


If it's the latter, here are some things to check/try:

1) Check that Sync isn't already running

2) Check that you've fully downloaded the installer (might be worth clearing your browser cache, and re-downloading)

3) Check the installer isn't being blocked by any Anti Virus software you may be running

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It just stars and ends. No error messsage is on the screen.


I think there is a problem with windows Application Data folder redirection. I was asking for a log because of this.


I have downloaded it several times just to check that it is correct. Anyway do you have the correct MD5 for the file?

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Folder exists, but empty. MD5 is correct for downloaded files. I have tried x86 and x64 (on a x64 system).


Installer does not stars.When you double click mouse cursor changes for a few secconds to the clock and nothing happends.


As per my earlier response; What Internet Security/Anti Virus software do you have installed? Could that be blocking the Sync installer? Have you ruled that out?

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Ok, and without wanting to sound condescending (as I know you mention this in your original post); but you're definitely running Windows 7, and not say Server 2008? - the reason I ask is because Windows server editions do tend to "block" downloads, resulting in the exact behavior you're seeing, and so you first have to right-click the downloaded file, select "Properties", click the "Unblock" button, and then "Ok" before you can execute the file. This would only be applicable to Windows Server editions though (and in fairness Server 2008 and Windows 7 can look quite similar!)... which is why I'm just double-checking which Windows OS you're running?

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