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Allow For Multi Folder Wild Characters In .syncignore File

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I would like to be able to exclude certain subfolders of given folders no matter how deep in the folder structure those subfolders are. So I would like to be able to specify something like this in .SyncIgnore file:




and that should ignore /SourceCode/Project1/bin as well as /SourceCode/Project1/Subproject1/bin etc. So the star (or any other character) would replace a directory structure rather than a single folder as it is currently in 1.3 and 1.4.


The feature I am requesting was actually implemented in the past in 1.2 (I think), so please bring it back.



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You are aware, right, that ".SyncIgnore" has become ".sync\IgnoreList" for 1.4?


If you're still adding exclusion rules to ".SyncIgnore", they won't have any affect in 1.4

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