Undocumented Difference Between Backup And Read-Only Share?

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In the documentation it is mentioned that the difference between the backup function on mobile devices and a read-only key is the fact that the backup function does not remove files on the computer if they are removed on the mobile device. However, there seems to be another difference: If a file gets removed on the computer, it will not be retransmitted immediately like it does with a read-only key.


Is this an an undocumented feature or bug? Or is something wrong with my understanding?

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It is not a bug, rather configuration issue.

For the computer which receives backup the backup key looks like read-only key with all the read-only properties. It means, that you may open the folder preferences and check the setting "Overwrite any changed file". In this case, your PC will request backed up file again if you change / delete it. Note, that it will work only if file still exist on your device producing backup data.

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