Bt Not Accepting Authentication, Removing It From Conf Does Nothing


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I'm trying to get BT running on a server where I've previously had it working.  It got rebooted, but when I launch btsync again it doesn't start syncing.  I point my browser to port 8888 to manage the synced folders, but BT won't accept my login information.  I'm using my server login and I've even tried 'root' and the root password, but it doesn't work.


So, I used the --dump-sample-config option to create a config file sync.conf with the 'login' and 'password' files commented it out, and then launched btsync with


$ ./btsync --config sync.conf


I even cleared the storage directory, and my web browser's cache.  Still, BT requires authentication and doesn't accept the authentication I give it.  What can I do?

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BT has overwritten my files on my desktop computer with the several-days-older ones on the server.  This has happened just now as I have been trying to get BT working on the server.  Thanks BitTorrent!  Now I am going to learn about how/whether BT supports rollback...

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